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Headquartered in Oakland, California, Ability Central is the philanthropic division of the California Communication Access Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 2003. 

Ability Central is committed to improving communications and information access for individuals who are Deaf and disabled and their families and caregivers. 

Green and orange graphic with an image of a bi-racial multigenerational family that reads "2022 Impact Report, Ability Central's Year in Review."

Ability Central 2022 Impact Report

Across our three programs, Ability Central hit new milestones and laid the foundation for continued growth and achievement in 2023 and beyond.

Read all about the work we do in Ability Central’s 2022 Impact Report, available now online.

Our Programs

Our Vision

Transforming the field of communications and information access so that all individuals can realize their right and ability to receive information and express themselves.

Our Mission

To serve as an educator, convener and resource that works collaboratively to ensure communications and information access in service of individuals who are D/deaf or disabled.

We strive to accomplish our mission in three ways:

Through an online resource called the Ability Central Portal

Through our Cloud Consulting Services

Through our Grant Programs

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